Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Holiday movies

During the school holidays Mum my cousins and I went to the movies.because it was my cousins birthday the day Before that. We went to watch How to train a dragon 2 that was boring. I wanted to watch transformers. But it turned out to be ok even though I still wanted to watch TRANSFORMERS!

 When I watched the movie How To Train A Dragon 2. Hiccup finds his mum and Toothless defeats the big dragon then becomes the leader of all the dragons. They also meet other dragon catchers that work for a big bad man who is making a dragon army. but I forgot why.

When I got home I went to E.B games and bought a new game called Infamous 2. Its cool you have electricity  powers and you can free run. But the best thing is you can chose your side Good or Evil.  There is a beast that is really big and is destroying the earth but if you are evil you have to side with the beast. Or if you chose to be good you defeat the beast.

I liked defeating the beast on Infamous 2 it was fun but you had to kill your friend because she chose to side with the beast and be bad But she also had powers but ice powers.
The movie was fun because it was in 3D but I still wanted to watch Transformers. But the thing I liked most about the day was spending time with my family.

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