Friday, August 1, 2014

Character description

“These dishes are still here from yesterday”. Apart from her funny facials or her grumpiness shes a pretty cool person.  My mum is pretty old. I’m sure she's in her thirties I think.
Shes always moaning at me to do the dishes or that my washing in my room (in its basket)
Shes really short i'm up to her forehead and shes an adult.  Her unhumorous jokes that are from a different world there so not funny it gets pretty boring at times.

My mum is a kind caring lady. But when you do something bad you better start running because shes not a happy chappy when you make her mad. She’s a really cool mum shes protective about when I have to come home that gets annoying sometimes. When shes sad you can tell she's not faking and I hate it when shes sad.
I hate playing 10 pin bowling with my mum shes really good she'll get lots of strikes and win its a waste of time trying to beat her. The first time we played 10 pin with her I thought I would smash her at it but I was wrong I lost by a mile. She is really good at doing the washing or mum jobs she gets them done like super mum.

“Woohoo” “I past a level”   Candy crush shes addicted to that game its so annoying. Its candy crush 24/7 all day never stops talking about. If she never gets off her phone we all know what shes doing. Hinemoa has a green stone necklace that is really special to her. whenever I take the ring that's on it off shes sometimes tell me off. Because she says “because it's special to me don't take it off. If I ask why her response is  because I got it like that.

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