Friday, September 5, 2014

Production Diary 2014


Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is Adrian and my role in the production is a dancer.  So far the production is going good. I don't really like my place in the production because I have to be front and I get stage fright. But I'll get over it some time soon. The songs that  we sing were still learning them. At the end of our part of the production we sing the national anthem

We just finished our last practice for production to day. It was fun the stage was much bigger than normal I liked doing  my dance right up the front It felt different than doing it on the other stage.  We practiced entering and leaving the stage for the first time yet.

Its AWESOME! Finally the lights are up. They are cool. When you look into the lights aw man it hurts your eyes. I can’t wait to do our first practice under those lights man, ital be cool. yesterday we had a whole senior school it was fun but very very long

“WOW” It was very scary, the first real performance in front of lots of other parents and kids I was nervous . When I rushed up on stage from behind the curtains and I saw all the people man I wanted to run back off stage, but I just carried on dancing. I kept giggling and smiling at myself “ I was glowing” As I ran off I wondered if i'll be like that every night. Well I hope not.

Its over all the suspense is gone. Normal days everything is back school work no more movies. That's a shame But at least you don't look at hundreds and get a little bit  stage fright that's all over.