Friday, December 5, 2014

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Letter to Mr G

Adrian Morgan

Principal Mark Gifkins
Parkvale School
Howard Street

Dear Mr Gifkins,
I think that market day was big fun. It was a really cool experience trying new foods and having fun at the same time. I think that Parkvale school should have a market day more often because the foods that were on sale were really healthy and yummy.  

It was really fun when I was walking around with my little buddy because we were just buying lots of stuff and we found a ticket on the ground. My buddy and I got Juice,bergers,dips and sticks and popcorn. The juice was really refreshing and taste like just juice.

I really wanted to get a lolpop but there was no more. My favourite thing was the burgers they were really nice and weren't all fatty. My buddy loved eating the oranges that were on top of the cups for the juice.

I liked peeling and cutting the carrots and celery it was pretty fun. Room 10 and room 21 fulled up the bags of carrots and celery very quick.
The best thing about market day was eating and trying others food and drinks.

Yours sincerly,


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